Cubist In Use

Numerous publications by Cubist users are available on the web. Here's a sample:

Predicting Soil Properties and Interpreting Vis-NIR Models from across Continental United States

A machine learning approach to estimating the error in satellite sea surface temperature retrievals

Mapping soil slaking index and assessing the impact of management in a mixed agricultural landscape

Rule-based safety prediction models for rural two-lane run-off-road crashes

Forecasting Brazilian and American COVID-19 cases based on artificial intelligence coupled with climatic exogenous variables

Comparison of implicit vs. explicit regime identification in machine learning methods for solar irradiance prediction

Analysis of chemometricmodels applied to Raman spectroscopy for monitoring key metabolites of cell culture

Evaluating a low-cost portable NIR spectrometer for the prediction of soil organic and total carbon

Random Forests and Cubist algorithms for predicting shear strengths of rockfill materials

Modeling of acoustic pressure variability at thoroughfare

A new soft computing model for estimating and controlling blast-produced ground vibration based on Hierarchical K-means clustering and Cubist algorithms

Evaluation of machine learning techniques with multiple remote sensing datasets

A machine learning approach to the accurate prediction of monitor units for a compact proton machine

Woody cover estimates in Oklahoma and Texas using a multi-sensor calibration and validation approach

Comparison of multiple linear regression, Cubist, and Random Forest algorithms to estimate daily air surface temperature from dynamic combinations of MODIS LST data

Ensemble of Cubist models for soy yield prediction using soil features and remote sensing variables

Monitoring organic carbon, total nitrogen, and pH for reclaimed soils using field reflectance spectroscopy

Effect of roll compaction on granule size distribution of microcrystalline cellulose-mannitol mixtures: computational intelligence modeling and parametric analysis

Predicting the profitability of agricultural enterprises in dairy farming

The potential of unmanned arial vehicles for providing information on vegetation health

Assessing causes in spatial variability in urban heat island magnitude

Global, 30-m resolution continuous fields of tree cover: Landsat-based rescaling of MODIS vegetation continuous fields with lidar-based estimates of error

Subpixel urban land cover estimation: comparing Cubist, Random Forests, and Support Vector Regression

Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium: National Land Cover Database 1992-2001 retrofit change product

Building a nationwide 30-meter forest parameter dataset for forest health risk assessments

Fuels products of the LANDFIRE project

An empirical InSAR-optical fusion approach to mapping vegetation canopy height

Regression rules as a tool for predicting soil properties from infrared reflectance spectroscopy

A data mining approach to soil temperature and moisture prediction

Recent progress in the development of automated analysis and forecast products for ceiling visibility conditions

An evaluation of different data mining methods for forecasting wind farm power

Spatially explicit seasonal forecasting using fuzzy spatiotemporal clustering of long-term daily rainfall and temperature data

Investigation of an artificial intelligence technology -- Model trees. Novel applications for an immediate release tablet formulation database

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