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See5 / C5.0

This state-of-the-art system constructs classifiers in the form of decision trees and rulesets. See5/C5.0 has been designed to analyze large volumes of data and incorporates innovations such as boosting.


Cubist produces rule-based models for numerical prediction. Each rule specifies the conditions under which an associated multivariate linear sub-model should be used. Cubist models often yield more accurate predictions than simple linear models without giving up the advantages of interpretability.


GritBot is a sophisticated data cleansing tool that helps you to audit and maintain data quality. Working from the raw data alone, GritBot automatically explores partitions of the data that share common properties and reports surprising values in each partition. GritBot uncovers anomalies that might compromise the effectiveness of your data mining tools.


Operating System Windows
Hardware Platform PC PC
Executable 32-bit or 64-bit
32-bit or 64-bit


We offer licensing to our previous customers for either single computers or LANs:

Single-Computer Licences:

The software can be used on a single computer (including computers with multiple CPUs). The number of concurrent users is not restricted.

Network Licences: (See5 and Cubist, Windows 8/10/11 only)

The software is installed on a single Windows PC (the "server"). After running a small registration application, any Windows PC in the server's network neighborhood can run the software so long as it remains connected to the server via the LAN.

The number of client PCs is not restricted, but the number of concurrent users is restricted. Licences for 2, 5, or 10 concurrent users represent a cost-effective alternative to single-computer licences for applications teams and research groups.

See5, C5.0, Cubist, and GritBot are trademarks of RuleQuest Research.

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